Paramount Pictures and Microsoft announced the launch of a joint app today that lets users stream all Paramount movies on their Xbox 360 gaming console. “This app offers users instant access to view any Paramount movies on their Xbox 360 console that they purchase from the Paramount Movies Web site,” an Xbox Live spokesperson told CNET in an e-mail. “The catalog of premium movies is continuing to grow as new titles are released from the studio.”


To use the Paramount app, users will need an Xbox Live Gold membership, along with Paramount and UltraViolet accounts. Users aren’t able to rent or buy films directly from the app — instead it acts as a go between. Users have to go to Paramount’s Web site to get their flicks.

The Verge site reported that Paramount started selling digital movies directly from its Web site earlier this year via UltraViolet, which lets users download the movies and keep a copy in the cloud. However, the new Paramount app will make it easier for users to get those movies onto their television sets.

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