In the top three of B2B content marketing challenges facing the challenge to produce. Enough content for several years Content production is often difficult, because it takes time and money. Moreover – you want to do well – must also have a strategy to be based. Do you recognize yourself? OK, for you, this article is not intended. This article is about the opposite problem: a small group of marketers has too much content and not see the trees for the forest.

Two types of companies

Two categories of companies struggling with too much content: consultancy and accountancy and local companies with an international headquarters.

Consultancy en accountancy

These service industries where knowledge is one of the core competencies. In such companies are often many different services for different industries. Typically, the site packed with information, and there are numerous reports, articles and white papers published.

Local company with international headquarters

Or international companies headquartered abroad, mostly the U.S., where an active and well-oiled marketing and communications machine produces content in English. Often used the Dutch organization but part of what is available and at the same time, the Dutch website filled with a mix of links to its own content and content of the English headquarters

In content-rich companies you have to make choices with what content you are going to conquer the market and how. Moreover, you would like an overview of everything at your disposal, so you even know where you can choose from.

How do you do that in 7 steps

  1. Start at the beginning and do not be intimidated by what already exists: Who is your target audience, what do you want to target and what do you need than content?
  2. Create content “folder, in which you have an answer in the form of content for each step in the buying process and the most relevant questions from your audience.
  3. Go looking for the list of everything that is. Chances are that this list does not yet exist. Set a project together here structurally to work or find a content tool that helps you to keep all your content structure. (In the future)
  4. Fill in your content folder with existing content by target, look for the holes, see what you can use and reuse.

  5. Create a content marketing which makes your choices, you can not finally picking up all at once. Rather first one or two groups approaching and then the next two.
  6. Let you now just not used to rest and work on a consistent and viable campaign structure. Do you have a logical structure of content? For each stage of the buying process a little added value to your target audience? And have you thought about using Dutch or English?
  7. Keep the focus fixed during the roll-out of your campaigns and programs, do not be tempted to go for quantity over quality. More is less!

The race for volume – who has the most content – is over. The companies with the most successful content marketing strategy are the companies that keep the focus on quality rather than quantity.

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