Social media and the problem with always-on marketing

What was your life like when you did not have a smartphone and the world was not yet within reach through social media? What did you do, if you were on the move looking for information? Or if you have a moment alone, without people around you? What did you do when the sun sank into the sea and you wanted to share the beauty of the moment? It’s sometimes hard to imagine that time. We have become accustomed to be constantly connected.


An underexposed marketing challenge: too much content, which now?

In the top three of B2B content marketing challenges facing the challenge to produce. Enough content for several years Content production is often difficult, because it takes time and money. Moreover – you want to do well – must also have a strategy to be based. Do you recognize yourself? OK, for you, this article is not intended. This article is about the opposite problem: a small group of marketers has too much content and not see the trees for the forest.