What is mobile marketing

Agencies @ Google 2014: what has been said about mobile marketing?

The mobile marketing takeaways from Agencies 2014 @ Google event.  Last Tuesday and Wednesday I visited Google in Dublin for Agencies @ Google event. Agencies from all over Europe come to this event, and Google uses the stage to answer questions and share performance.’s Vision for the coming year Google preaches the importance of mobile devices for years, and that was no different during this event. I have the most important mobile marketing points summarized for you.

Mobile marketing

iPhone no longer cool in young people

Uh-oh: the teenagers have spoken and it does not bode well for Apple. Quick, what was already the Windows Phone-domain that we had registered for the event the iPhone on its peak would be? Apple is in fact  no longer cool  (or not hot, if you like). Buzz Marketing Group, specilized in youth marketing, claims that Apple has become popular. Young people prefer to exchange their iPhone and iPad for a Surface-Galaxy tablet or smartphone. Apple Generation X and older Millennials have brought, but the younger Milennials prefer not a device where they also their mother, the dentist and the barista Starbucks be seen walking around (eh … but how is it that they suddenly all a BlackBerry wanted?)