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In January came the e-book Facebook for entrepreneurs’ from (in April and the paperback version) by Corinne Keijzer. One book you in 90 minutes off could read and explain step by step how to create a Facebook business page layout. I took the book under the microscope and I find it of.

Commercial time-line pressure

As a marketer, I’m not exaggerating ‘social’, but secretly I spent there as a user do a lot of hours per week. Regularly check the time lines, it is with your smartphone an act of nothing. That low threshold and curiosity often. Win So I regularly send a tweet where I always do as good about it and I look regularly on LinkedIn, although I’m mostly a passive user who’m still much used as a digital card catalog.

I also have a Google+ account now, but actually I do nothing or hardly it. Facebook is a whole different story. That is a daily pattern. Even my daughters aged 10 and 8 say that dad is addicted to his iPhone. So. Consult As a regular user I have noticed that the timeline of Facebook has changed considerably in recent years. Anyway, the commercial expressions much more dominant than some time ago. My “old” advertising heart understands that my gebruikersoog there is not always happy.

However, I think Facebook is getting more and find the balance. The proposed messages I get presented, I rarely find irritating and are often (not always) be called more or less relevant than in my sphere of interest. Scrolling from right to left makes you have to perform in order to be able to see. Posts all proposed act Prima. Not present, but enticing enough (at least for me) to do that regularly.

detailed view

As a small business owner with nota bene a B2B marketing agency, I wanted now sometimes delve into the world behind the messages and suggested other commercial manifestations. When reading the book ‘Fackebook for entrepreneurs’ Corinne Keijzer you get a very detailed picture of the various possibilities.

That is what is immediately striking about the book: no menu option seems to be beaten. It is a pity that the illustrations of all the menu options shown may need a magnifying glass to read them. Decent And I write as someone who can still off without reading glasses.

For every entrepreneur quickly applied

In plain language Keijzer takes you from making your own (business) page to create scope, dealing with complaints (webcare), Facebook marketing, advertising on Facebook to whatever you set everything in a practical sense and monitor using of the administration panel.

The book is short, practically and logically. It starts with the basic Facebook Opportunities to make. A personal or business page to Although many tips for me as a marketer might be obvious (get a good photo, strong headline, think from your target audience, etc.) I think it’s from the target group ZZP-er / small business owner watched a careful enumeration of the points you need to take into account. Also especially what not to do.

The book read in 90 minutes (which the cover suggests) succeed fast reader might be just, but you want the various steps of a Facebook page through, execute, and combine it with your first marketing campaigns, pull it out but quiet a multiple of time off. As Keijezer himself explains in the chapter about advertising, it is also a matter of trial and error. Experimentation. Which Facebook itself you with statistics and tools it supports quite incidentally. A whole world of advertising possibilities.

Facebook for b2c and b2b

Rightly, the author states that every business decision maker is also a consumer, and that Facebook is an effective marketing tool from that idea, especially for smaller B2B companies. By appealing examples she provides proof. It also appears that if you’re big and famous, you do not automatically have to count on. Much success Smart creativity, especially not just sending and certainly not ‘like & win promotions’, but does provide good interaction, so some of those keys to success. Because Facebook is unrelenting in the settlement of spammers and bad content. That’s a good thing.

Then it is so convenient when you batters well as ice does. In that respect, the book ‘Facebook for business’ recommended after each chapter with a practical summary of the most important issues.

In short, ‘Facebook for business’ is a very complete, detailed overview feature examples, tips and tricks. Thumbs up!

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