When I entered the wonderful world of the Internet entered in 1999, there was in my first years of employment a law in my work: every two years a redesign. Advertising and full-service Internet agencies were brought in that regard to my former employer.

Who then went eagerly to work with new navigation, product and landing pages. And all that is achieved by a hip flashy Amsterdam office – design and advertising agencies come simply from Amsterdam. And we did it angrily.

I’ve never heard of an agency that they “Should we not know what to get somebody shake? Such redesign is really not necessary “Or.” Can we see once you stats? I like to design data-driven, you know. “Even we as employees found such a design process too much. You had a beautiful project again and you had something to show off: look, this website, so I made.

We based ourselves at that time on the online surveys of Metrixlab. We looked briefly at the visitor numbers. But I suspect that we had decorated. No funnel And A / B testing? That existed in those years, not even.

15 years later, the online world has changed rap. Google Analytics and the use of tag management, we can clearly tell where a client is coming from and what kind of behavior he exhibits. And of course give tools like Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer chance to put on your website. Endless experiments And of course, online surveys work still (but put them in or in conjunction with testing, never go off alone on research).

We have learned how to operate lean and agile, and occur within companies across scrum teams improvements.

Yet there are some things thing that has not been eradicated:

  • The endless redesign of your website.
  • Every two years with a budget of at least 5 tons.
  • The sounding board is meeting about the new navigation.
  • Thinking about the new template for the product page.
  • Meetings, preferably all day.

And a cup of coffee with that cropper of Corporate ‘who finds that his products in the new structure given too little attention to the homepage and does not understand that that banner carousel will not provide the most traffic.

Do we have any real understanding we have today redesign not every day? The navigation and product pages hands off and rely on data rather than on non-data-driven views of product managers and marketers? Not set up a mammoth project that companies are working two years now, only to find out that the improvement has had? No effect And to find out that in those two years, the mobile channel the laptop channel already outdated, and we can start again.

I’ll give you six reasons why you should improve your site daily

1.You miss sales if you do not do it

If you test barely two years and not doing research and not least optimizes every month, you run a lot of turnover wrong. There remain leaks on your website and it leaks a lot of turnover. So Optimize every day. Major redesign pathways are also increasingly a signal to the outside things that you do not have good internal order.

2.Such a large project cost you needlessly budget

If you windows of your house a new paint job need, you do not break your whole house down? We do so with our online home. Unnecessary. Especially when you consider that you often do not get the leak through major changes over. Probably you create again leaking through a redesign in another place. Optimize in small steps and go for details. Because of the big picture optimization, you improve anything.

3.You need to know daily dialogue with your customers, it will surprise you

I know of websites where I’ve tested where different behavior was shown. On every product page In one product, there was a greater need for visual support, while there was a lot of other products needs more content. Visual support worked there even counterproductive.

Maybe it works with your website differently. But go ahead and assume that one template for all your products cost you sales. Start at least with testing this kind of business.

4.Let the stationary cruise

My advice under section 3 was: See product page per the needs of your visitors. Only there you product page to.

It was in this project have a tail. I had not counted on the people of communication. That pointed me straight to the corporate identity manual. And even though I could see my findings substantiate exact figures: you often find that the “corporate-Polizei” than to know unbeatable.

With small improvements to the website current doubtless well-intentioned communication staff have less in the way. They often manage that big picture, so long as you stay optimize revenue-details will be no wiser.

5.Do not think for more than an hour after an improvement

Are you going to work with daily improvements, do not think too long. You can endlessly about chatting with your team online, but there’s only one that really going to help: your client.

Testing the variant thus off. No significant difference? Then it was not such a good idea and let the original a bit more. However, a significant difference? I congratulate you with this winner, feed him through.

6.Keep your colleagues and your management informed

The internal and external telling your way of working, your successes and especially your learnings is very important. Management often wants just a redesign process through pushing. They find a modern home is often more exciting than the ‘bare’ turnovers.

It is important to get to your side. These stakeholders Because otherwise you’re on the authority of your superior later still your home at the break while you just wanted to go paint your window frames.

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