Video sitemaps for more traffic!

Creating Sitemaps is an effective method to search engines like Google to identify the content you have in your possession. By submitting a Sitemap, Google will not overlook the content and therefore show the content in search results. Besides a sitemap for your pages, you can also create sitemaps for images, news or videos for example. Why should you get started with video sitemaps?


Apple’s Domination: One in every 9 American owns an iPad

There are no wonders that Apple’s iPad is one of the most successful tablet devices in existence. Whether it is abroad of Apple’s home market, you name it and Apple dominates there. Recent court battle between Apple and Samsung has provided the actual sales figure of iPad. This information reveals that Apple is still dominating the tablet market within the United States.


Sony Ericsson Xperia Ion Available in India – Price Rs 35,999

Sony Xperia Ion is now available in India. Snapdeal has now listed the phone for sale at a price of Rs. 35,999, even though Sony Mobile India website still says Coming Soon. This smartphone runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, powered by a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Dual Core processor and  1GB of RAM. It has 16GB of storage memory along with a microSD card slot.


How to Remove Google +1 Button on Adsense Ads

How do you disable and remove Google +1 buttons / friend photos from your Google AdSense ads? I’m sure you have seen Google AdSense ads with multiple +1 buttons, and small faces of your friends who chose to +1 the advertisements. However if you are a Google AdSense publisher, you might not want to clutter your ad links with buttons and faces, which might reduce the click-through rate leading to lower earnings.


How To Increase Facebook Fans

Facebook has risen far beyond its social gossip past – it is now an absolutely critical plank for many of us, a major channel for getting our product, message or brand across. But there’s no point in bashing that message out if no-one’s listening. So one of the first things people fret about, when launching their Facebook site, is the building up of that audience. However, increasing your Facebook fan-base isn’t as simple as the old adage ‘build it and they’ll come’. You need a dash more sophistication than that.


Windows Server 2012 will arrive on September 4

Microsoft has announced the release of their latest Operating system for the Servers known as Windows Server 2012 for the hardware manufacturer. On a blog post, Jeffrey Snover of Windows Server Blog has confirmed the availability of their latest OS. This news came at a time when most of the people are anxiously waiting for the release of Windows 8 for regular consumer. Earlier we also confirmed through a post that Microsoft already announced the release date for Windows 8.