Advertising Costs on Facebook: External website vs fanpage

Advertising on Facebook has quite a few changes through. First, the number of advertisers on Facebook recently increased significantly, on the other hand, the area used for ads on a Facebook page expanded. What is the effect on the cost of advertising? Based on our own Facebook campaigns of recent times we give below an indication of the cost of advertising on Facebook.


Market share of Android in smartphone sales to 75%

The big ones are bigger. This is certainly true in the world of mobile operating systems. The market share of Android is the last year of 57.5% progressed to less than 75%. The growth is mainly at the expense of Blackberry and Symbian OS. This is evident from the latest figures from IDC . The proportion BlackBerry OS fell from 9.5% to 4.3%. The operating system of Nokia fell even further. The 14.6% in Q3 2011 has dropped to 2.3%.


4 Golden Rules For The Right Content In The Right Context

” Today, the goal of marketing needs to be to get found by customers When they are looking, not to get In Their Face When they are not looking. ” Marketing had and could change, found Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah in 2006 when she was marketing software company HubSpot founded. The term inbound marketing was born. HubSpot itself proved its success: a relentless stream of blogs, e-books and webinars spent between 2006 and 2012, 7,500 customers worldwide. In late August organized HubSpot home in Boston Congress Inbound 2012 , with top speakers like David Meerman Scott and Gary Vaynerchuk. I was attentive listener and put in this article the key takeaways for B2B marketers in a row.


How reliable are social media as a news source? Not!

Twitter is fast, very fast. And it gives us a good understanding of what is happening in the world. The latest news is real to us. Everything that happens in the Middle East happens, through mobile phones on YouTube. The world has become more transparent. Censorship is impossible. Everything comes through. But is it right? How reliable is news and what really are the images you see? Even major news broadcasters and publishers run against it. They will not be the last with the news, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to control.


Bol.com vs. Amazon: Showdown of the partner programs

” Amazon is coming “is a sound that has a considerable time the minds engaged. This time, however, something more concrete to be. Amazon is coming. In October , to be exact. Until a clear starting shot is given from Amazon, this remains unreliable information. What is certain: if Amazon is indeed coming to the Netherlands, that’s a lot of competition for online retailers in the Netherlands.