Content is king? Context is king! The breakup of the vertical chain

“Content is king”, which were the wise words of Bill Gates in 1996. He drew the parallel between the Internet and the multimedia version of a copier. Now in 2013 we can surely say that he was right. In fact, we are now exposed to so much content that we almost the trees for the forest no more. By now it is no more “content is king”, but “context is king”, or publishing content that is relevant to the target audience.


The 10 SEO Trends for 2013

Oh, fine, warm month of December. The month of twinkellichtjes, the color red, the scent of pine needles, butter and letters threatening obesity. But December is also the month of lists: good intentions, top lists and trends for the coming year. How can we remain in the field of SEO? As for 2011 and 2012 , we take the 10 SEO trends of 2013 with you, including the right musical accompaniment.