10 tips and tricks for your business on Facebook

Facebook now has one billion users. Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform. An old marketing wisdom says that companies should be located at the place where customers are located. As nearly 15% of the world is on Facebook, all companies are therefore not have to sit? This question is not so simple to answer, for one company will Facebook fact relevant than the other company. However, research shows that companies often have a Facebook page but here then do nothing. A recent study even shows that 70% of the business pages less than 1 time per month to be updated. Even 85.3% of companies ignore conversations on their own page. In this way successfully through Facebook by definition impossible. In this article we will look at 10 tips that can help your business to Facebook successfully deployed.


Paid app reviews: developers themselves ask for

The past few days was Andrew Smith much response on his blog posting about paid appreviews. When he got into as a newcomer to the world of apps he thought at first that it was normal to pay for appreviews. Gradually he began to realize that blogs name and fame will not be bribed. They are therefore mainly unknown third rate blogs at Andrew’s pillory are nailed. They write appreviews not because they have a particular app or find interesting the attention of the readers want, but because they are paid.


Netbooks are dead – so Apple will make one?

Help!  The netbook will disappear. Five years ago, netbooks gadget that you must have. But actually it was too small and too clumsy laptopjes not forward fires were. The fun of “good light in your bag!” Took even a moment, because if you spend the whole day with a netbook in your bag to walk, feel your shoulder at the end of the day if you are a heavy book or a liter bottle of water with you had meegezeuld. Actually the same thing happened with the iPad: the first was a relief (“so small”, “so light”, “which I take every day along in my bag!”), But once the iPad mini market arrived we realized why the big iPad increasingly home to lie. He was just too heavy. When netbooks played another problem: there was no money to be made from. Asian manufacturers were millions rickety laptopjes all alike, making the market extremely quickly became saturated and margins slumped. But there is hope for the netbook. Apple will make one.

Mobile marketing

iPhone no longer cool in young people

Uh-oh: the teenagers have spoken and it does not bode well for Apple. Quick, what was already the Windows Phone-domain that we had registered for the event the iPhone on its peak would be? Apple is in fact  no longer cool  (or not hot, if you like). Buzz Marketing Group, specilized in youth marketing, claims that Apple has become popular. Young people prefer to exchange their iPhone and iPad for a Surface-Galaxy tablet or smartphone. Apple Generation X and older Millennials have brought, but the younger Milennials prefer not a device where they also their mother, the dentist and the barista Starbucks be seen walking around (eh … but how is it that they suddenly all a BlackBerry wanted?)