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Internet via tablet and smartphone is growing, as is the logical answer: the use of responsive design. The next step? Responsive ads that advertising can propagate. Device cross the same message In my eyes an opportunity for advertisers and essential to the future of publishers. Technically, it is becoming easier and all parties will, after a necessary change of work, can benefit. What developments are going on exactly? And look how professionals in the field against the use of responsive ads?


Updates for Angry Birds Star Wars and Hay Day

The successful  Angry Birds Star Wars  has twenty new levels that take place in fields with asteroids. The 1.1.2 update provides the latest game in the Angry Birds series, two new bonus levels you can unlock with good performance in the normal playing fields. A new boss fight and bat-like mynock pigs in the middle of an asteroid located, making the update. The popular and acclaimed construction game Hay Day has new meaning in the last update.