eFashion industry can transform into digital director

From DMA Institute, we have recently carried out an extensive survey of digital marketers ‘performance’ in their portfolio. The starting point of this study was to gain deeper insights about experiences and expectations within the field of digital media accountability. eFashion an industry characterized by hyper competition and trendiness, is a business that does not lend itself so quickly transparent cases and best practices. This research should provide more insight.

twitters new virtual style

Twitters new visual style: a picture is worth 1,000 words

The past year, Twitter has announced a variety of changes to the network, where especially the display of photos and the visual appearance of profiles are addressed. Where Twitter in the early years was a network where it just turned to text updates of up to 140 characters, the new capabilities ensured that the marks for a full communication channel has become.

What is mobile marketing

Agencies @ Google 2014: what has been said about mobile marketing?

The mobile marketing takeaways from Agencies 2014 @ Google event.  Last Tuesday and Wednesday I visited Google in Dublin for Agencies @ Google event. Agencies from all over Europe come to this event, and Google uses the stage to answer questions and share performance.’s Vision for the coming year Google preaches the importance of mobile devices for years, and that was no different during this event. I have the most important mobile marketing points summarized for you.