Electricity From Newspaper: Sony’s New technology

Most of the people won’t bother about the news papers after reading, as it has no other uses. But I think in future everyone would be keen to collect them. Because Sony company is now on a research to produce electricity from old news papers. When the new battery that they’ve presented before the world would be out in the market, we’d be able to generate energy from papers.


Bajaj Launches Their New Nano Car

In 2009, Tata company began selling Nano car in India. The car got this name because of its small size. Thus, this “one-lakh car” (= US$ 2100) became the cheapest road car in the world. This home made car was a great triumph in the country. It is known as a modern ‘people’s car’. Now, in the beginning of this 2012, the main two- and three-wheeler manufacturers of India ‘Bajaj Auto’ has launched their new car and so born a new competitor to the Nano.


Majel: Google’s Rival to Siri

When Apple developed Siri with Artificial Intelligence, that marked an important event in the history of telecommunication. Siri made Apple iPhone 4s the first successful voice recognition device. Here comes Google, the chief competitor of Apple in the field, with their new voice recognition application “Majel” as a rival to Siri. Google is planning to launch the initial version of this Android application within the first months of next year.