New Android Glasses to Watch Videos

When iPod was presented 10 years ago, nobody had the slightest idea about how it’d change our personal amusements. But that digital music player presented by Apple had not only changed the way of enjoyment, but brought a new revolution in the music industry. We saw these music players, which can be kept in our pockets, conquer the music world. We enjoyed music in our journeys, jogging and whenever and wherever we like.


IBA Dock: The Green, Floating Building

IBA Hamburg, a site that is situated on the Elbe islands of Hamburg, is a German tool for urban engineering and architecture, in order to show new concepts in terms of social, cultural and ecologic ideas. IBA stands for “Internationale Bauausstellung,” which means ‘international building exhibition’. As we said above IBA dreams to establish a CO2-neutral city. In this site, they’ve constructed their IBA Information Centre – known as IBA Dock – upon a floating pontoon. It was in 2009, they started the construction of this floating IBA Dock.


Including Ads in Mobile Apps: A New Threat

Everyone around the world is busy in downloading third party apps to their phones. But including ads in mobile applications (apps) poses privacy and security risks. Researchers from North Carolina State University made a study of 100,000 apps in the official Google Play market and found out that more than half contained so-called ad libraries. And 297 of the apps included aggressive ad libraries that were enabled to download and run code from remote servers. And this is to considered seriously.

PayPal Here

Paypal Presents A New Credit Card Reader App for iPhone – PayPal Here.

PayPal, world’s faster and safer way to make online payments, receive money or set up a merchant account, is now strongly holds the view that ‘anywhere you do business’. To make this practical, they’ve introduced the world’s first global mobile payment solution that allows small businesses to accept almost any form of payment. This enables small businesses to accept credit and debit card payments using its card reader and app – Paypal Here. Through this Paypal Here, merchants can make payments – whether they do business online, offline or on mobile.


Best Free PC Games

There’s no one in the world who wouldn’t like to play computer games. It’s a very interesting thing to do on our leisure hours. It’s a great relief for the office workers to play PC games when they get bored of working continuously. All these things make you download free games from the Internet. But sometimes in the name of a game, a virus would be there waiting for you. Or it could be dodgy demo, a rubbish expansion pack or just a crude Flash game.