Here’s a good news for Facebook users. Facebook, world’s largest social network, is going to have a new look. 800 million profiles in Facebook will be changed into Timeline within a few days.

This change into Timeline will enable the users to get all the earlier photos, videos and links which they’ve been sharing over these years, just in one click. This is considered as the ever greatest development in the history of Facebook.

Let’s think back. The video that you post in your profile would be there only for some days. Then, when new posts come, the old one goes somewhere. And everyone forgets about that post. Facebook brought Timeline as a means to change this situation. Timeline will revive all of your earlier posts whether you like it or not. You can remove all the embarrassing photos or posts from your profile within seven days after switching to Timeline. Once Timeline became the default look on your profile page, you cannot remove them.

Facebook announced this news through a blog post on Thursday. The blog post says that either you can wait for the notification of Facebook or you can get into the timeline through facebook.com/about/timeline.

The present Facebook profile page shows only the recent posts. But once it is switched to Timeline, it’d be like a digital scrapbook.

But there so many who are worried about Facebook’s new design. R. “Ray” Wang, CEO at Constellation Research, comments about this new change thus, “There’s a growing concern among individuals that Facebook is driving individuals to trade their privacy for convenience without understanding the risks. Can individuals turn it off forever if Facebook still owns the data? What do you do to take yourself out of a Timeline? Is this the beginning of digital extortion?” Suzie Linville, 33, of Phoenix is concerned about privacy. “You never know who’s going to hack into your page and use that information in a negative manner,” she says. “Once Facebook shows me they are on top of security — I don’t fully believe they are — I’ll go back and check it out.”

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