Most of the people won’t bother about the news papers after reading, as it has no other uses. But I think in future everyone would be keen to collect them. Because Sony company is now on a research to produce electricity from old news papers. When the new battery that they’ve presented before the world would be out in the market, we’d be able to generate energy from papers.

It was in the Tokyo Eco-Products exhibition, Sony presented the initial form of their new bio battery. This battery will convert the paper pieces into sugar and produce electricity from it. The team said that this kind of bio batteries would be Eco friendly and this battery contains no chemicals and metals that will be harmful to our environment.

The team showed the working of the bio battery by connecting a piece of paper, which was soaked in enzyme cellulose, to a fan. This connection made the fan work. When the paper piece is soaked in enzyme cellulose, it will be converted into sugar. And when this will react with atmospheric oxygen, electrons and hydrogen ions will be produced. The electrons thus produced cause the electricity. The products of this electro-chemical reaction are water and gluconolactone.


It will take much time to get a bio battery in our hands as Sony is now working on it. They said that much more experiments have to
be done. International environmental associations have warmly welcomed this new born battery and they commented that the big companies like Sony developing Eco-friendly technologies is a very good thing.

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