Social media and the problem with always-on marketing

What was your life like when you did not have a smartphone and the world was not yet within reach through social media? What did you do, if you were on the move looking for information? Or if you have a moment alone, without people around you? What did you do when the sun sank into the sea and you wanted to share the beauty of the moment? It’s sometimes hard to imagine that time. We have become accustomed to be constantly connected.


Financial organizations need to listen to customer sentiment about privacy

Consumer Data are collected throughout the last few years: from customer databases, CRM systems, the logistics and surveys. For marketers big data provides unprecedented opportunities because they can generate. 360-degree view of the customer in this way When consumers find it increasingly blazes the discussion on how to collect this data is a threat to their privacy.


eFashion industry can transform into digital director

From DMA Institute, we have recently carried out an extensive survey of digital marketers ‘performance’ in their portfolio. The starting point of this study was to gain deeper insights about experiences and expectations within the field of digital media accountability. eFashion an industry characterized by hyper competition and trendiness, is a business that does not lend itself so quickly transparent cases and best practices. This research should provide more insight.

Responsive advertising

Responsive Ads – The Solution for Responsive Advertising Across All Screens & responsive design

Internet via tablet and smartphone is growing, as is the logical answer: the use of responsive design. The next step? Responsive ads that advertising can propagate. Device cross the same message In my eyes an opportunity for advertisers and essential to the future of publishers. Technically, it is becoming easier and all parties will, after a necessary change of work, can benefit. What developments are going on exactly? And look how professionals in the field against the use of responsive ads?


Content is king? Context is king! The breakup of the vertical chain

“Content is king”, which were the wise words of Bill Gates in 1996. He drew the parallel between the Internet and the multimedia version of a copier. Now in 2013 we can surely say that he was right. In fact, we are now exposed to so much content that we almost the trees for the forest no more. By now it is no more “content is king”, but “context is king”, or publishing content that is relevant to the target audience.