Social media and the problem with always-on marketing

What was your life like when you did not have a smartphone and the world was not yet within reach through social media? What did you do, if you were on the move looking for information? Or if you have a moment alone, without people around you? What did you do when the sun sank into the sea and you wanted to share the beauty of the moment? It’s sometimes hard to imagine that time. We have become accustomed to be constantly connected.


10 tips and tricks for your business on Facebook

Facebook now has one billion users. Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform. An old marketing wisdom says that companies should be located at the place where customers are located. As nearly 15% of the world is on Facebook, all companies are therefore not have to sit? This question is not so simple to answer, for one company will Facebook fact relevant than the other company. However, research shows that companies often have a Facebook page but here then do nothing. A recent study even shows that 70% of the business pages less than 1 time per month to be updated. Even 85.3% of companies ignore conversations on their own page. In this way successfully through Facebook by definition impossible. In this article we will look at 10 tips that can help your business to Facebook successfully deployed.