Companies, in their struggles to get priority over the others in the same field, are experimenting with their products. Experiments are also taking place in theiradvertising techniques too. They go to any extent in order to grab the attention of the people. Mercedes Benz company’s new ad technique is a suitable example for this. They’ve even produced an invisible car for this. It was for the promotion of their new car F-Cell which runs on Hydrogen, they presented such an invisible car to the public, in Germany.

This car has been on roads in Germany for a week. But nobody had seen it. This car is made by covering it’s one side with LEDs and fixing the other with Canon’s 5D Mark Camera. The camera will catch the views of that side and transmit it to the other side. So the LEDs project an image of what’s on the other side of the vehicle, and thereby making the car really invisible.

They made all this effort to show that their upcoming hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the F-Cell, is a zero-emission vehicle,i.e., a non-pollutant car. These cars will be in the market by 2014, as they’ve to plant a Hydrogen fuelling station for this.

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