In 2009, Tata company began selling Nano car in India. The car got this name because of its small size. Thus, this “one-lakh car” (= US$ 2100) became the cheapest road car in the world. This home made car was a great triumph in the country. It is known as a modern ‘people’s car’. Now, in the beginning of this 2012, the main two- and three-wheeler manufacturers of India ‘Bajaj Auto’ has launched their new car and so born a new competitor to the Nano.

The company is making a four-wheeler for the first time. Bajaj presented their new car ‘RE60′ in the ‘Auto Expo 2012′ auto show in Delhi, India. Though the price of the car hasn’t been disclosed officially, its cost would be near to the price of the Nano.


RE60 would be the most cost effective, cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle when its ready for sale. This light weight car is completely suitable for urban areas and it’s with all-weather protection. And it has a 200 cc, water-cooled, fuel-injected DTSi engine and a mileage of nearly 40 km per litre. The car has a seating capacity of four people and it’s maximum speed is 70 km per hour. RE60 cars are expected to be in roads within this year.

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