Dear Friends,

We’re very glad to introduce you our new site ““. You can see a large number of sites on internet. And all of them are based on a particular subject or field. Developing an entirely different site was our goal. And We think, we have succeeded in it.

Our site, as the title refers, will be a mirror of the world at present. We’re aiming to deliver you the latest happenings in the world.

We assure you that our site will be a highly useful one. It is designed in such a way that every kind of user – students, officers, reserchers and any common man – can use it.

A student can easily find the new things related to their studies. And a researcher will be able to know the latest changes that happened in their field. Thus, our site can be useful to everyone.

Besides these, you’ll have a wide range of information in different fields like scientific inventions, discoveries, space research, environment, films and geography.

We welcome you all to visit our site. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

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