Advertising Costs on Facebook: External website vs fanpage

Advertising on Facebook has quite a few changes through. First, the number of advertisers on Facebook recently increased significantly, on the other hand, the area used for ads on a Facebook page expanded. What is the effect on the cost of advertising? Based on our own Facebook campaigns of recent times we give below an indication of the cost of advertising on Facebook.


Market share of Android in smartphone sales to 75%

The big ones are bigger. This is certainly true in the world of mobile operating systems. The market share of Android is the last year of 57.5% progressed to less than 75%. The growth is mainly at the expense of Blackberry and Symbian OS. This is evident from the latest figures from IDC . The proportion BlackBerry OS fell from 9.5% to 4.3%. The operating system of Nokia fell even further. The 14.6% in Q3 2011 has dropped to 2.3%.