How reliable are social media as a news source? Not!

Twitter is fast, very fast. And it gives us a good understanding of what is happening in the world. The latest news is real to us. Everything that happens in the Middle East happens, through mobile phones on YouTube. The world has become more transparent. Censorship is impossible. Everything comes through. But is it right? How reliable is news and what really are the images you see? Even major news broadcasters and publishers run against it. They will not be the last with the news, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to control.

amazon-thumb vs. Amazon: Showdown of the partner programs

” Amazon is coming “is a sound that has a considerable time the minds engaged. This time, however, something more concrete to be. Amazon is coming. In October , to be exact. Until a clear starting shot is given from Amazon, this remains unreliable information. What is certain: if Amazon is indeed coming to the Netherlands, that’s a lot of competition for online retailers in the Netherlands.