How do you win as a marketer fighting pay per click fraud?

The spending for online marketing continue to grow. However, the ROI of this spending is now severely threatened by a recent challenge on the internet: pay per click fraud. Here are scammers, competitors or affiliates unauthorized use of trademarks in ad text online. Also be used as a brand keywords for visitors to send to websites that offer competing products or keywords are placed in links to illegal sites that sell counterfeit products.


Video sitemaps for more traffic!

Creating Sitemaps is an effective method to search engines like Google to identify the content you have in your possession. By submitting a Sitemap, Google will not overlook the content and therefore show the content in search results. Besides a sitemap for your pages, you can also create sitemaps for images, news or videos for example. Why should you get started with video sitemaps?


Apple’s Domination: One in every 9 American owns an iPad

There are no wonders that Apple’s iPad is one of the most successful tablet devices in existence. Whether it is abroad of Apple’s home market, you name it and Apple dominates there. Recent court battle between Apple and Samsung has provided the actual sales figure of iPad. This information reveals that Apple is still dominating the tablet market within the United States.