Best Free PC Games

There’s no one in the world who wouldn’t like to play computer games. It’s a very interesting thing to do on our leisure hours. It’s a great relief for the office workers to play PC games when they get bored of working continuously. All these things make you download free games from the Internet. But sometimes in the name of a game, a virus would be there waiting for you. Or it could be dodgy demo, a rubbish expansion pack or just a crude Flash game.


No More Passwords

Someone in the Facebook recently said that he remembers his wife when he uses the password. Though he said it as a joke, there’s a trace of reality in it. Most of the people make their wife and girlfriend as their password for the sake of remembering it. Wherever you go in online, you are asked a password – for email, Facebook, Twitter, online banking, online businesses using the credit cards and so on. Remembering all these different passwords is really a difficult task.


Volvo’s External Airbags for Pedestrian’s Safety

About 12 Lakh people in the world are getting killed in road accidents. And 65% among them are pedestrians. We haven’t ever heard of someone doing something to make sure the safety of the pedestrians. But here, Volvo, the well known Swedish(now Chinese) vehicle manufacturing company, has for the first time come forward with their new airbag system (pedestrian airbag), as a means to ensure pedestrian safety.


Benz’ New Invisible Car

Companies, in their struggles to get priority over the others in the same field, are experimenting with their products. Experiments are also taking place in theiradvertising techniques too. They go to any extent in order to grab the attention of the people. Mercedes Benz company’s new ad technique is a suitable example for this. They’ve even produced an invisible car for this. It was for the promotion of their new car F-Cell which runs on Hydrogen, they presented such an invisible car to the public, in Germany.