Phil Heath Trains for Mr Olympia 2015

Mr Olympia Phil Heath “The Gift” Heath is in the middle of a highly intense prep for the 2015 Olympia and is looking as good as ever. We recently saw him blast his chest in a three part video series and now get the first part of his leg training session 11 weeks out from the Olympia. Switching it up, Phil begins with quads as appose to hamstrings and does so with some leg extensions.


Social media and the problem with always-on marketing

What was your life like when you did not have a smartphone and the world was not yet within reach through social media? What did you do, if you were on the move looking for information? Or if you have a moment alone, without people around you? What did you do when the sun sank into the sea and you wanted to share the beauty of the moment? It’s sometimes hard to imagine that time. We have become accustomed to be constantly connected.


An underexposed marketing challenge: too much content, which now?

In the top three of B2B content marketing challenges facing the challenge to produce. Enough content for several years Content production is often difficult, because it takes time and money. Moreover – you want to do well – must also have a strategy to be based. Do you recognize yourself? OK, for you, this article is not intended. This article is about the opposite problem: a small group of marketers has too much content and not see the trees for the forest.


Financial organizations need to listen to customer sentiment about privacy

Consumer Data are collected throughout the last few years: from customer databases, CRM systems, the logistics and surveys. For marketers big data provides unprecedented opportunities because they can generate. 360-degree view of the customer in this way When consumers find it increasingly blazes the discussion on how to collect this data is a threat to their privacy.


Apple blocks wifi tracking: noble or false?

Once Apple iOS 8 operating system for the iPhone, iPod and iPad releases, that can be a big blow to WiFi tracking in stores. The new mobile operating system has made ​​an adjustment that makes it impossible to follow based on their own transmitted signal. Wi-Fi devices This is a relatively new marketing technique seems to die. In infancy Apple says it wants to ensure, with the change of the privacy of the user, but is that really so?